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Steel Greek Scorpion Shield
Steel Greek Scorpion Shield
Steel Greek Scorpion Shield

Steel Greek Scorpion Shield

This is a beautiful custom made Greek Shield featuring a scorpion design inspired by ancient Greek art. The shield has a metallic gold background and is made of heavy dished steel. Like the traditional Greek hoplite shields of old, it is slightly concave or "dome" shaped, and has a flat brace attached to the back to make carrying and wielding the shield more comfortable. A heavy leather strap and metal handle are used to hold the shield. The strap and handle has been spaced and positioned to provide optimum balance when holding. The shield has also been applied with a coat of topcoat/clearcoat to further protect and preserve it from wear. It measures a large 27 inches in diameter, and weighs about 8 and 1/2 pounds. Don't overpay for one of those cookie-cut manufactured shields. Get a stronger and more durable one right here while you can!


- About 27 Inches Across.
- Made of Thick Domed Steel.
- Metallic Gold Background.
- Leather Straps Are Included and Attached.
- Hand-Painted.
- Made in the USA.


Please note that all of our shields are individually crafted, and are made one at a time. The color of the leather straps on the back of the shield may vary, as the leather we have available may be different shades of brown or black. Nothing else comes close to the quality or authenticity of every shield. As this shield is a Made to Order item, please allow an extra 7 to 10 days for it to be constructed and painted.