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Large Oval Celtic Horses "Epona" Brooch
Large Oval Celtic Horses "Epona" Brooch
Large Oval Celtic Horses "Epona" Brooch

Large Oval Celtic Horses "Epona" Brooch

To most ancient cultures, horses were one of the most important animals in existence. As a Celtic symbol, the horse was associated mostly with war. And with war comes attributes of victory, conquering, longevity, and the spoils that come from being triumphant in battle. The Celts also associated horses with their goddess Epona, who was known as the goddess of mares and foals. So with all the great symbolism and importance of horses, it's only natural that we create this wonderful handmade brooch to pay homage to this noble animal using Celtic inspired artwork.

This large brooch or cloak pin is oval and domed in shape, and measures almost 3 inches across. It is made of finely polished silver pewter. The pin attached to the back is also custom made, and is extra heavy, very strong and guaranteed to not break. 

- About 2.8 inches in size.
- Domed Oval shape.
- Very strong, heavy metal construction.
- Extra heavy custom-made bronze pin attached to the back.
- Made by hand in the United States.
- Not made in a factory.
- Not a mass-produced item.