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Viking Mjolnir Hammer Bracelet or Torc with Silver or Gold Accents

This has everything you want in a Viking bracelet or torc: Strength, Durability, Great Design, Viking Knotwork, and a Thor's Hammer. The Mjolnir or Thor's Hammer centered on it even has three little triquetra or trinity knots on it. The intricate detailing on this is superb. We designed this simple and beautiful bracelet using highly durable and maintenance-free stainless steel. We're even offering it in your choice of a silver or gold accent color, and the gold is permanent and will not come off over time. The bracelet band is very thick and will not bend or warp out of shape without using tools. It's intended for wrist sizes measuring 5.5 to 7.75 inches. If your wrist measures larger than that it could still fit, but the gap or opening would need to be opened farther apart. Overall, this is a truly beautiful and unique treasure that will last many lifetimes.

In order to give you more options on the look and style of your bracelet, we're giving you the choice of a Matte Steel finish (which is more of a flat and dull look) or a Highly Polished finish (which is shinier and more reflective). Just let us know which finish you want us to give the bracelet.

- Symbolizes Strength, Protection, and the Power of Thor.
- Your choice of Silver or Gold Accent color.
- Your choice of a Matte Steel or Highly Polished finish.
- Outside Circumference: 6.75 inches (measured tip to tip).
- Inside Circumference: 5.75 inches (measured tip to tip).
- Internal Opening Length (at Widest Point): About 2.6 inches.
- Main Body Width: 0.45 inches. Or about 1.14 cm
- Best fits wrists measuring 5.5 to 7.75 inches in circumference.
- Handmade.
- Made by sculpting an original master and casting that in small quantities.
- Made of Stainless Steel.
- Very strong.
- Will not rust or tarnish.
- Weighs 43 grams.
- Goes great with any attire.