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Classic Round Greek Red Lambda Shield with Natural Wood

Classic Round Greek Red Lambda Shield with Natural Wood

This wooden shield features a large red (uppercase) Lambda over a natural white fade background. The border is also a matching red color. The Lambda has adorned Greek Shields throughout history, and is most commonly associated with Sparta and the region from which the Spartans originated. The shield is made out of a 1/2" thick smooth composite wood (which is considerably stronger than plywood). Dual leather straps are used to comfortably secure the arm along the back. The shield has also been applied with several coats of varnish to further protect and preserve it from wear. It measures about 25 inches in diameter.

This item would be perfect for that upcoming Renaissance Festival in your area, or maybe some friendly backyard brawling between friends. Pictures just can't do this wonderful shield justice, or show the time that was put into building it. Would also make a great gift for that history-enthusiast you know!


Please note that all of our shields are individually crafted, and are made one at a time. Nothing else comes close to the quality or authenticity of every shield. As this shield is a Made to Order item, please allow an extra 7 to 10 days for it to be constructed and painted.